1. Loosen locator lock screws
  2. Slide one of the locators to a position that would place the device to be tested centrally on the contacts and tighten its lock screw
  3. Slide the second locator lock screw (clearance is required for ease-of-loading and removal)
  4. Remove screw for hinge plate
  5. Swing hinge plate up out of socket top
  6. Loosen pressure plate locking screws and slide them out
  7. Position pressure plates so they will press down on the feet (part of lead that gets soldered to board) of a gull wing device (see Detail “A”). If the device has J-leads, position pressure plates to press down on top of device’s body (see Detail “B”) and tighten locking screws.
  8. Swing hinge plate back into the socket top and tighten the screw for the hinge plate
  9. Double check your settings