High-Frequency (RF) IC Sockets

If you're looking for high-frequency IC test sockets and similar products known for their performance, you can find them at Aries Electronics. We manufacture and sell both ball and land grid array sockets, among numerous other high-quality technologies that are trusted internationally for their quality.

To learn more about our thermal high-frequency test sockets or LGA and BGA sockets, browse our available socket options for more information.

We're Leading High-Frequency IC Socket Manufacturers and Suppliers

Ever since our founding in 1972, Aries Electronics has been at the forefront of developing custom RF test sockets and related technology for businesses across countless industries. We understand how integral our various products are to the continued operations and success of companies like yours, which is why we're committed to creating and providing only the best high-frequency socket technology possible. As one of the leading high-frequency IC socket manufacturers and suppliers, you can always rely on the performance of our products.

High-Frequency Center Probe Test Socket

The low capacitance and inductance of our center probe high-frequency IC test sockets grant them a versatility that allows use in a wide range of applications. As a result, they've been utilized in countless devices in a variety of industries around the world. Our center probe high-frequency sockets also have pressure mount springs that allow you to mount them to test boards without having to spend time soldering them. This feature also means they're easy to remove, improving the efficiency of your workflow. In addition, our center probe high-frequency IC sockets are designed with locating posts which make it effortless on your part to position them accurately.

Sockets for Ball Grid Array (BGA) Packages

At Aries Electronics, you can find high-quality ball grid array sockets. BGA packages are excellent for usage in computer CPUs due to their ability to resist overheating and are capable of quickly generating signals thanks to their low impedance features. With the help of our trusted ball grid array sockets, you can trust that your devices with BGA technology can operate at peak performance.

Sockets for Land Grid Array (LGA) Packages

We also offer high-frequency IC test sockets designed for usage with other surface mount technology, including LGA packages. These packages are known for making efficient use of space, allowing manufacturers to implement them in small electronic devices that require a lot of power. Our land grid array sockets will be the perfect partner for your LGA devices so that they can effectively fulfill their intended purpose.

Find High-Frequency IC Test Sockets and More at Aries Electronics

Whether your company needs BGA or LGA sockets, you can find both and more at Aries Electronics. When you need dependable custom RF test sockets, it's in your best interest to rely on our trusted technology. We supply businesses around the world with high-quality testing solutions.

If you want to learn more about our high-frequency IC test sockets, contact us today and request a quote — companies can always depend on our thermal high-frequency test sockets, no matter their intended application.

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