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Are you searching for quality cable assemblies for your electronic applications? Then Aries Electronics has you covered — we offer a multitude of different cable assemblies, jumper wires, electronic jumpers, and much more that have been developed using the highest-quality materials available on the market. Browse our selection below to learn more about what we offer.
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Our Cable Assemblies Include:


Fusion Bonded Cables

Fusion-bonded cable jumpers are incredibly flexible, allowing them to be used in a variety of intricate applications, and can be seamlessly plugged directly into sockets and PC boards. To ensure that proper conductor spacing is maintained during shipping, each jumper features protective tabs on both ends. In addition, they're easy to solder or socket thanks to the wire conductors fusion bonded with an overcoat of Sn. We also offer them in a multitude of configuration options, including cable length, and the ability to add a Polarization strip along one edge of the cable.

DIP Jumpers

At Aries Electronics, we offer a wide selection of different DIP jumpers to ensure that our clients can obtain a perfect match for their particular needs. They're designed with both convenience and durability in mind — making them long-lasting and incredibly easy to use. For example, the pitch bars are deliberately positioned to create more appropriate conductor spacing, and the end cable is intentionally made to offer strain relief. We've also thoroughly tested our DIP jumpers to ensure they are capable of creating reliable solder connections. In addition, the 10-color cables make identifying  and tracking them at a glance fast and easy. And — like our other products — they come in a multitude of customization and series options.

Inline Jumpers

Our inline jumpers are another one of our many cable assembly products. Just like our DIP jumpers, they are convenient to use thanks to their 10-color cables and can be depended on to provide reliable solder connections because of the thorough testing they experience. Additionally, the inline jumpers we develop are made with high-quality materials that enhance their performance, such as their AU-plated end connectors and solid brass pins. They're available in several customization options too, including single-ended, double-ended, and bare-ended varieties — allowing you to select one that best suits your particular application.

To Buy Cable Assemblies, Call Aries Electronics Today

When it comes to quality, you can always expect the cable assemblies you purchase from Aries Electronics to be the best available in the industry. However, if you can't find the particular cable assembly or jumper wire that you're looking for, our team will be able to help — we also offer custom cable options to ensure that you'll be able to acquire a product that best matches your unique specifications. Let us know exactly what you need for your cables, and we'll help design it! Interested in hearing more about our productions or receiving a quote for a custom product? For more information on our cable assemblies, contact us today. The knowledgeable team at Aries Electronics will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Request a Quote


What are cable assemblies used for?

Cable assemblies serve a critical role in various industries. They are used to connect different devices or electrical systems, allowing the seamless flow of electrical power. They're integral in sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, medical, and many more.

What is the difference between cable harness and cable assembly?

While the terms cable harness and cable assembly are often used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between them. A cable assembly commonly refers to a group of cables or wires encased by an exterior sheath, offering protection and organization. On the other hand, a cable harness refers to a bundle of individual wires or cables, bound together, usually with ties or lacing, to streamline installations and maintain organization within complex wiring systems.

What are medical cable assemblies?

Medical cable assemblies are specially designed cable assemblies used in the healthcare industry. These assemblies are used in a variety of medical devices and equipment, including patient monitoring systems, diagnostic imaging systems, and therapeutic devices.

What is the difference between cable assembly and wire harness?

The primary difference between a cable assembly and a wire harness lies in their structure and application. A cable assembly is a group of wires or cables enclosed by an external protective covering. This assembly is designed to protect the wires from environmental threats like moisture, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. Conversely, a wire harness is a collection of individual wires bundled together to improve efficiency and organization in complex wiring systems.

What does a cable assembler do?

A cable assembler is responsible for constructing cable assemblies based on specific requirements and standards. This involves cutting, stripping, and connecting wires or cables, applying connectors, testing the assembled cables for functionality, and ensuring that the final product meets all quality standards. A cable assembler plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and performance of the cable assemblies used across various industries.

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