High-Temp Sockets

When you buy high-temp test sockets from Aries Electronics, you can expect the best that the market has to offer. We're a leading international manufacturer of high-temp burn-in sockets and only use the highest-quality materials, meaning that you can trust that they will surpass your expectations and provide reliable results for your HAST tests.
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Our Available High-Temp Sockets Include:

What Is a Test Socket?

A test socket is a critical component used in the field of electronics testing. It serves as the connection point between an electronic device under test (DUT) and the testing equipment. The test socket enables the testing process to accurately measure performance data of the device, helping to detect any early failures that may occur during its expected operating electrical cycle. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic devices.

What Is a Burn-In Socket?

Burn-in testing is a rigorous testing process that involves placing electronic devices under extreme power cycling conditions to completely stimulate their operation. The purpose of these burn-in tests is to detect failures in the devices that might not manifest until later in their life cycle. By identifying these failures, improvements can be made to ensure the device will last indefinitely.

What Are High-Temp Test Sockets?

A high-temp socket is another specialized tool used in electronics testing. As the name suggests, it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures during the thermal test phase. These sockets are made from materials that can endure high heat without compromising their structural integrity or electrical performance. High-temp sockets are crucial in environmental stress testing, where electronic devices are subjected to conditions far beyond their normal operating range.

What Is a Replaceable Contact Strip?

A replaceable contact strip is a component that plays an important role in establishing and maintaining a reliable connection. It's essentially a series of contacts, usually made from conductive materials like copper or brass, arranged in a linear or circular configuration. The key feature of these contact strips is their replaceability — if a contact wears out or gets damaged, instead of replacing the entire device or assembly, only the affected contact strip needs to be replaced.

Custom High Temp Sockets

Aries offers a variety of options when it comes to dissipating heat from a device during testing — whether that heat is from the environment or coming off the device itself in the form of watts. We have advanced software that simulates thermal conditions of a socket internally and externally. Custom heatsinks, heatslugs, and fans can be designed specifically for your needs and proven to work through the calculus of the software. The socket bodies themselves can even be redesigned to best suit the heat flow experienced by a device or outside source. Where most test socket manufacturers will stop you after hearing the device dissipates 120 watts or that the test environment goes over 200°C we will work with you.

Buy High-Temp Sockets Today

If you need to buy high-temp burn-in sockets for an upcoming testing procedure, reach out to Aries Electronics today. When you give us a call, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our test and burn-in sockets. Request a Quote


What is the meaning of burn-in?

Burn-in refers to a rigorous testing process conducted to ensure the reliability and durability of electronic devices.

What is a burn-in board?

A burn-in board is a specific platform used during the burn-in testing process. It's designed to hold and operate the electronic components under test at high temperatures and power cycling conditions. These boards are essential in thoroughly examining the performance and endurance of electronic devices under stress to ensure their longevity and reliability.

What is the burn-in test specification?

The burn-in test specification outlines the precise parameters for carrying out the burn-in test. This includes the duration of the test, the range of temperature and power levels to be applied, and the performance criteria that the device needs to meet. These specifications are carefully designed to ensure that all products from Aries Electronics meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

What are the standards for burn-in tests?

The standards for burn-in tests are set according to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines. These standards dictate the specific conditions under which the burn-in test should be conducted and the performance levels the devices need to achieve.

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