DIP/SIP Sockets

Interested in buying DIP or SIP sockets for your electronic devices? Then reach out to Aries Electronics — as a leading manufacturer of SIP and DIP sockets, we only use the best materials available on the market to ensure that every product we produce for our clients is nothing short of high-quality. For more information on the SIP and DIP sockets we offer, browse our selection below.
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Our Selection of SIP and DIP Sockets

What Is a DIP Socket?

A DIP socket, or dual in-line package socket, is an electronic component that serves as a removable interface between DIP packages and the circuit board. These sockets are typically used to mount microprocessors and integrated circuits (ICs) onto PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). DIP sockets come in various forms, including ceramic DIP packages and plastic DIP packages. The shape of the DIP package is usually square or rectangular, with two parallel rows of vertical leads.

What Is a SIP Socket?

SIP sockets refer to single in-line package sockets. It's a type of socket that is used for mounting electronic components that come in SIP packages. Unlike DIP packages, SIP packages have only one row of vertical leads. The design of a SIP socket is typically more compact than a DIP socket, enabling it to handle higher-density configurations. SIP sockets are often used for simpler devices such as power supply units and light-emitting diodes.

What Are Eject-A-Dip Sockets?

Eject-A-Dip sockets are a unique style of socket we supply that offers a multitude of different features and benefits. This solderable socket improves the efficiency of in-field board maintenance thanks to its distinct ejector/latch, which is ideal for use in high-vibration environments. Another advantage of the Eject-A-Dip socket's latch is that it can remove DIP packages without pin damage. Like many of our other products, it's available in a number of different pins and thicknesses, allowing you to customize it to best suit your unique needs.

Buy Your SIP and DIP Sockets Today

When it comes to SIP and DIP sockets, clients can always expect the best the industry has to offer at Aries Electronics. If you're interested in learning more about these sockets, their headers and covers, or production IC sockets, don't hesitate to reach out today — our experienced team will provide answers to your questions. Request a Quote


What size is a DIP socket?

A DIP socket can come in various sizes depending on the number of pins it has. The physical size varies accordingly, with larger pin counts requiring larger sockets.

What is a DIP pin?

A DIP pin is a component of a DIP, which is a connector that allows the electronic device to establish a connection with the circuit board.

What size is a SIP socket?

Similar to DIP sockets, the size of a SIP socket depends on its pin count. Generally, SIP sockets come with fewer pins than DIP sockets, ranging anywhere between 2 and 25 pins. Their compact design makes them suitable for higher density applications.

Where are DIP sockets used?

DIP sockets are widely used in the electronics industry, particularly in devices that require removable components. They are often found in microprocessors, integrated circuits, and other similar complex devices. The use of DIP sockets allows for easy installation and replacement.

Where are SIP sockets used?

SIP sockets are commonly used in simpler electronic devices due to their compact design. They are commonly found in power supply units, light emitting diodes, and other devices where space is at a premium. Like DIP sockets, they also allow for easy installation and replacement of components.

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