Test, Burn-In and High Frequency RF Sockets for IC Devices

Aries Electronics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of test, burn-in, and high-frequency sockets for IC devices that many businesses depend on. We offer a diverse selection of SMT components and packages so that you can find the products that satisfy your requirements as a company. However, no matter what service mount devices or sockets you need for your operations, you can trust that all of our socket options will be the highest quality.

As a Top IC Socket Manufacturer and Supplier, We Offer:

High-Quality Test Sockets

Companies that require reliable IC sockets effective at sending clean electrical signals can always depend on our products. Aries Electronics develops sockets that are highly resistant to environmental changes to ensure accuracy when you conduct repeated tests. They're also operator-friendly, as their small size enables you to place the maximum number of sockets possible on your test boards.

The convenience of our test sockets allows companies to accelerate the efficiency of their testing and overall workflow. Thanks to pressure mounting, you won’t have to spend time soldering them onto a PCB board when performing tests on IC devices. This trait allows them to be easily removed as well, saving you even more time than you would have with other IC sockets.

Reliable Burn-In Sockets

Given how integral they are for ensuring businesses don’t send defective products to the market, burn-in sockets play a vital role in quality control measures. At Aries Electronics, we're committed to developing and supplying companies with a variety of burn-in products. Our sockets are constructed to be as durable and resilient as possible to endure extreme temperatures and various performance tests.

High-Frequency (RF) Sockets

Aries Electronics offers a wide assortment of high-frequency sockets that serve a multitude of applications. Not only are they designed to withstand repeated uses across countless tests, but you can also depend on our high-frequency (RF) sockets for their incredible precision. Additionally, manufacturers can always count on our high-frequency sockets for continued performance and years of reliability.

Quick and Easy Probe Replacement System

Many of our test, burn-in, and high-frequency sockets for IC devices make use of an efficient probe replacement system. This Aries patented system involves a user-replaceable interposer system that makes it easier than ever for companies to replace probes in a timely fashion. Our simple five-step process allows you to improve your workflow and achieve greater levels of productivity.

We Offer Many Types of Integrated Circuit Packages

At Aries Electronics, your business can browse and purchase a vast array of integrated circuit packages. Our SMT packages come in numerous sizes and models to ensure that you may find specifications that best suit the unique needs and requirements of your industry. Additionally, our universal system allows you the flexibility to custom configure our test, burn-in, and high-frequency sockets for IC devices.

Call Us Today for Dependable Test, Burn-In, and High-Frequency Sockets for IC Devices Whether you're searching for reliable new interconnect components, SMT components, or service mount devices for your business, reach out to Aries Electronics. Since our founding in 1972, we've always been dedicated to providing companies and manufacturers with the quality products they need to ensure the performance of their own devices and machinery. As a leading IC socket manufacturer and supplier, you can always depend on us.

If you're interested in learning more about our various test, burn-in, and high-frequency sockets for IC devices, contact us for additional information and to request a quote for our interconnect components and other products.

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