PCB & IC Adapters

Aries Electronics offers a diverse selection of professionally designed PCB, IC, DIP, and SOIC adapters for companies and manufacturers searching for high-quality components for their products. Reach out today to make a custom CAC adapter request and order one of our numerous adapter technologies.

We're an Established PCB and IC Adapter Manufacturer

As a leading PCB and IC adapter manufacturer, we have supplied companies across numerous industries with high-quality products they can depend on for quality. Since we began in 1972, Aries Electronics has continued to develop and manufacture PCB connectors, pin adaptors, and a multitude of technologies to help businesses around the world — including the trusted Correct-a-Chip Adapters. Thanks to our many years of industry experience, you can always count on our PCB and IC adapters for outstanding performance.

Reliable PCB and IC Adapter Boards for Endless Applications

When your business requires high-quality PCB and IC adapter boards for your products, Aries Electronics has the technology you need. Our panelized pin adaptors are available upon request and come in numerous package, pad, and series options to best match the unique needs of your industry. Additionally, they enable fast and easy prototyping thanks to their ability to mate common QFP packages to both standard breakout boards and breadboards.

Easily Upgrade Without Changing Your PCB Layout

Upgrading the performance and capabilities of technological devices can be challenging without making any alterations to their PCB layout. However, the time and resources needed to change printed circuit boards can add extra difficulties to potential upgrade plans. Thankfully, you won't have to contend with such issues when using our PCB and IC adapters.

Our versatile selection of integrated circuit adapters allows companies to perform a variety of upgrades without having to make any changes to their current circuit board layouts. For example, our SMD to DIP adapter can be utilized to conveniently convert SMD-style packages to DIP board layouts. Other PCB and IC adapters we manufacture can lower high-density interconnect construction by allowing smaller pitch devices to adapt to larger footprints. By utilizing less expensive packages to replace PGA footprints in existing designs, companies will can save money in the long run.

In addition, our integrated circuit adapters offer a variety of other distinct advantages as well. The BGA Switch-A-Pitch-Adapters we offer take out the need for laser-drilled micro vias motherboards, ultimately making the process faster. Furthermore, many Aries Electronics products utilize a patented application process to improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations. In this process, the pins are mechanically fastened and soldered to the board to provide both durable contact and a reliable electrical connection.

Reach Out Today for Our Trusted PCB and IC Adapters!

Whether you require SOIC adapters or SMD to DIP adapters for your products, you can always rely on Aries Electronics for technology your business can rely on. We understand how integral our PCB connectors and other products are to the success of your operations, which is why we are committed to only supplying the highest-quality components the market has to offer.

If you would like to learn more about our PCB and IC adapters and request a quote for one of our many products, reach out to Aries Electronics today.

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