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At Aries Electronics, we're a leading manufacturer of programming devices, headers, and covers. We offer a multitude of different programming device models and sizes available in several different configuration options, allowing you to select one that best suits your unique specifications and needs.

Our Selection of Programming Devices and Covers Includes:

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What Is a Programmable Header?

A programmable header, in the context of circuit programming, is a specialized interface used to load or modify the software running on an embedded system. This interface often consists of several pins or connection points that provide access to important lines in the circuitry of the device. These include power lines, ground lines, and data lines, among others.  The purpose of these headers is to allow a programmer or other external device to communicate with the system's microcontroller or processor directly, bypassing any other components or subsystems. This can be crucial during development and debugging processes, as it allows for rapid changes and updates to the software without needing to remove or physically modify the hardware. One common use of programmable headers is in-system programming (ISP) or in-circuit serial programming (ICSP). This process involves using a serial interface, such as SPI or I2C, to send programming data to the device. Typically, this data is stored in flash memory on a microcontroller, such as a PIC microcontroller.  The programming process begins when the device is placed into a special programming mode, often by applying a specific voltage or signal to one of the programming pins. Once in this mode, the external programmer can send clock and data signals over the serial interface to write new data to the flash memory. This requires specialist programming circuitry, either built into the device itself or provided by an external programmer.  In some cases, this process can even be performed over a PC USB port, allowing for easy updates and modifications without requiring specialist equipment or skills. Once the new data has been written, the device can be reset, or power cycled to start running the new software, providing a complete system update without needing to modify the physical circuit board or application circuit.

What Is a Program Cover

A programming device cover, often referred to as a case or shell, is a protective accessory designed to shield and secure programming hardware from potential damage. This could be a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or even specialized tools. These covers not only protect the device from physical harm such as scratches, dents, or falls but can also provide some degree of protection from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors that could potentially harm the device's internal components.  They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, each designed to fit a specific model or range of devices. Some are made of hard plastic for robust protection, others use silicone or rubber for shock absorption, and there are even metal cases for extreme durability. In addition to basic protection, programming device covers can also offer other features to enhance the user experience. For instance, many laptop covers have built-in stands that allow the device to be positioned at a more ergonomic angle, making it easier to type or view the screen. Some covers for tablets and e-readers come with hand straps for secure holding or integrated pockets for storing accessories like styluses or cables.  For single-board computers and microcontrollers, covers often include openings for accessing the device's ports and interfaces or mounts for attaching additional components. By selecting a cover that matches their needs and preferences, programmers can ensure their device stays safe and functional while also improving their workflow.

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