DIP/SIP Headers & Covers

At Aries Electronics, we've developed a multitude of DIP and SIP headers and covers that are designed to be long-lasting and effective solutions to your unique needs. Available in numerous different models and customization options, you can have confidence knowing that the header or cover you select will be a perfect match for your specifications.
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What Are Headers and Covers?

Socket headers and covers both play an important role in protecting and enhancing the functionality of your circuit board. A socket header is a type of connector that allows for the easy insertion and removal of integrated circuits on a printed circuit board (PCB). The headers have pins that correspond to the sockets on the PCB, allowing the circuits to be securely attached without soldering.  On the other hand, socket covers are protective devices that shield the socket and the integrated circuit from potential damage. They help guard against physical impact, dust, debris, and even accidental electrostatic discharge, all of which can harm the delicate electronic components.

Why Use DIP/SIP Headers and Covers?

SIP and DIP covers and headers are important for several reasons. For example, they protect the IC socket and the integrated circuits from physical damage, dust, and other environmental hazards, which can potentially cause malfunctions.  Covers also prevent accidental contact with the pins, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge, which can damage the integrated circuits.  Headers, on the other hand, provide a means of connecting and disconnecting the integrated circuits without having to solder or desolder them directly onto the PCB, making it easier to swap out ICs for testing or replacement. It's also worth noting that using covers and headers can help improve the longevity and reliability of the sockets and the ICs they hold. In addition, having covers and headers in stock ensures that you can quickly and easily repair or upgrade your PCBs as needed — reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Buy Your DIP/SIP Covers and Headers Today

Whenever you need to buy DIP headers of SIP covers, reach out to Aries Electronics. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our headers and covers, as well as our DIP and SIP sockets and production IC sockets. Request a Quote


What do socket covers do?

Socket covers help in preventing dust accumulation, further enhancing the longevity of your electronics.

Do you really need socket covers?

The necessity of socket covers largely depends on your specific circumstances. Aries Electronics provides high-quality socket covers that not only enhance safety but also contribute to maintaining the performance and lifespan of your sockets.

What size is a DIP socket?

Many DIP sockets have a standard pin spacing or pitch of 2.54mm. However, the overall size of a DIP socket can vary greatly depending on the number of pins it has. It's always recommended to check the specific dimensions of the DIP socket to ensure it aligns with your particular integrated circuit requirements.

What is a DIP connector?

A DIP connector is a type of connector used to mount Dual Inline Package (DIP) chips onto a printed circuit board (PCB). It features two parallel rows of pins that correspond to the pins on a DIP chip.

Is it okay to cover a socket?

Covering a socket is generally safe and often recommended, especially in situations where there is a risk of accidental contact or intrusion of dust or debris.

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