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High-Temperature (200°C to 300°C) Burn-in & Test Sockets


High-Temp Universal DIP ZIF Test and Burn-in Sockets

High-Temp (up to 250°C) Universal DIP ZIF Burn-in & Test Sockets (300°C special order)

Accepts devices on 0.300 to 0.600 [7.62 to 15.24] centers in packages from 24- thru 48-pin

High-Temp 23026HT CSP Burn-in & Test Sockets

High-Temp (up to 200°C) CSP Burn-in & Test Sockets for BGA, LGA, QFN, MLCC, and Bumped Die Devices or Any Custom Machined Configuration

For high-frequency bandwidth, low inductance, and high-current applications in a reliable and durable socket housing

24001HT High-Temp RF Test Socket

High-Temp (up to 250°C) RF Test Socket with Replaceable Contact Strips

For all peripheral-leaded devices including MLF, QFN, QFP with very low inductance