Everything You Need to Know about BGA / CSP Sockets

BGA / CSP Socket Primer

Aries is proud to lead the industry with one of the most complete lines of sockets for BGA/CSP for Production, Test, and Burn-in applications to fit package size pitches from 0.5mm through 1.27mm. These sockets feature a variety of styles and sizes to meet your application’s needs. The following is a thorough primer on the descriptions of the applications for these sockets.


Packaging IC’s with BGA/CSP (Ball Grid Array/Chip Scale Package), solder ball terminations has become increasingly popular. In most applications, these devices are directly soldered down to pads on the target board. However, as with all the previous termination options (DIP, PGA, PLCC, etc.), there are always situations where it is desirable to put the package in a socket as opposed to permanently soldering it.

Developing a socket for these packages is no easy task, primarily because the solder balls (when used) of the devices are usually made out of “soft” material that can deform over time, especially if the application experiences any kind of temperature cycling. Most BGA solder balls are made out of 63/37 material (63% Sn, 37% Pb), which is very soft. Even when 90/10 (90% Pb, 10% Sn) material is used, the ball shape can deform enough to cause intermittencies with most socket designs.

With these considerations in mind, Aries Electronics manufactures a complete range of sockets to meet the ever-changing industry demands for interconnections of these types.


• Aries patented CSP Sockets for Test and Burn-In applications up to 1GHz

The CSP sockets for Burn-in applications are fitted with a special Aries Spring-Probe™ designed for over 200,000 cycles for Test and Burn-in.

These sockets are designed for use by virtually any CSP type packages from 1mm down to 0.5mm lead spacing (including, but not limited to, BGA, QFP, TSSOP, MLF, and QFN types of packages). The socket bodies are molded from high-temperature engineering plastics which allow for quick delivery and very competitive pricing and are available in 3 sizes: the first for ICs up to 13x13mm (Data Sheet 23017); for sizes up to 27x27mm (Data Sheet 23018); and for sizes up to 55x55mm (Data Sheet 23020) – all available now.

• BGA Sockets and Adapters

Aries BGA Sockets and Adapters currently are available for any device on 1.00mm to 1.27mm pitch.

No socket company has yet been successful in designing a production socket for BGA devices where the devices are terminated in “standard” 63/37 BGA solder balls. Even if the BGA device is terminated in harder 90/10 material, it is proving impossible to design a female socket pin that works without problems. The best design currently on the market is the Aries Socket and Adapter system but even this design cannot overcome mating problems such as device ball deformity over temperature cycling.